delta heavy paradise lost

Delta Heavy – Event Horizon

Duo group, Delta Heavy, have been in the electronic dance music scene since 2003, performing at nightclubs, concerts, and festivals all around the world. While this creative, intensive, and multi-textured duo h...
twoloud music matters 3

TWOLOUD Presents Music Matters Vol. 3

Music Matters, TWOLOUD's feature for up and coming artists in the EDM scene, sees its third release. After hitting all the right spots with volume 1 and 2, TWOLOUD have taken it a step further by making it a ma...

Could Deadmau5’s Album Be Released Soon?

Whether you’re heavily into EDM or if you enjoy the casual listen, heck even if you’re on Facebook or Twitter a lot, you’d know who deadmau5 is. The Canadian is a household name in the electronic music industry...
armin van buuren freefall

Armin Van Buuren Releases ‘Freefall’

Armin van Buuren released the fourth single of his ‘Embrace’ artist album. ‘Freefall’, made in collaboration with British singer-songwriter BullySongs and remixed by Manse, has been put out exactly one week bef...
klaas far away

Far Away From Klaas

Probably most known for his hit single ‘Infinity 2008- With Guru Josh’, Klaas is back with a new song that is taking over the dance scene. After working with him on a recent song, I can say that this certainly ...
talabun mc

Talabun MC Releases Mother Earth

Since as early as 2013, Talabun MC has been releasing liquid drum & bass with dark vocals. Although his career just started three years ago, he is signed to over 15 record labels, most notably, Firepower Re...