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Exploring Love and Loss: TATE SEDAR Drops New Track ‘Wish I Could’

TATE SEDAR, story is extensive, unique, and continues to be written. Starting off – he’s racked up over 5.7 million plays in 2023, was invited during 2020 to Insomniac’s Discovery Project: EDC Virtual Rave-a-Thon and he’s gained support from EDM blogs, scored interviews, and radio spots, all of which has really putting his name out there.

Growing up in San Francisco and bouncing between the US and UK, he’s got a blend of musical influences that clearly show up in his tracks. He’s spun sets with big names like Dada Life and Don Diablo, which played a role regarding his status he’s achieved today. His early love for electronic, picked up from his parents’ music stash and games like Dance Dance Revolution, along with formal training from Point Blank Music School and a bit of self-teaching, has formed his signature sound which is quite catchy today.

TATE’s latest drop, “Wish I Could,” is a pop-tech track that dives deep into the theme of unrequited love, all wrapped up with a clever, commercial vibe. It’s packed with deep basslines and catchy harmonics that show how he handles the tech house genre and brings out something that more can enjoy. The lyrics give us a peek into the emotional rollercoaster of relationships and personal growth.

This track pulls from the laid-back tech house scenes of Southern California, blending dreamy textures, choppy vocals, and crisp 808 snare rhythms with some fresh twists like airy leads and dramatic drum rolls. He’s pushing into what he calls ‘post-EDM,’ fusing old and new sounds to stretch the limits of dance music as we know it.

Outside the studio, the man is just as passionate. He’s involved in important social causes, like remixing “Hero” by Terrell Carter to highlight civil rights issues, and supporting Russo-Ukrainian war relief efforts. Now settled in Hollywood, LA, TATE’s building things from the ground up to direct the next chapter of his career.

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