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DeadMau5’s MasterClass On Electronic Music Production Is Officially Available Today!

DeadMau5 – MasterClass – In his MasterClass, Joel brings students into his home studio for an unabashed and unfiltered lesson into how he makes his powerful sounds. He delves into his experimental approach, shares his project files and teaches his approach to making melodies, mixing and mastering. Joel will walk students through his entire process for making his music from beginning to end, teaching students how to make their own sounds they’d never find in a cookie cutter sample pack.


DeadMau5 MasterClass Is Available Now Here


DeadMau5’s MasterClass features 23 Lessons including:

  • The Deadmau5 Process on Theory and Practice — Focusing on experimentation, students will learn Joel’s unique approach to the music creation process and how to get the most out of your time in the studio.
  • Building Your Home Studio — Joel will walk through the gear students need and what they don’t.
  • Developing Melodic Structures — Learn the deadmau5 techniques to start drawing melodies into your DAW and creating loops that resolve.
  • Turning Melodies into Arrangements — Whether students have had musical training or not, they’ll be able to use these deadmau5 techniques to start drawing melodies into your DAW and creating loops that resolve.
  • Introduction to Synthesized Sounds — Learn how to build the unique instrumental sounds that give your track its character. It all starts with learning the basics of synthesis.
  • Experimenting with Modular Synths — For deadmau5, modular synths are all about messing around and finding unexpected sounds. Watch how he builds and tweaks his patches from scratch.
  • Digital vs. Analog Synths — Analog synths are a big part of the deadmau5 sound and a great way to add creative elements to your productions. Hear the difference for yourself when Joel plays some of the same patches on digital and analog equipment.
  • Shaping Sounds With Effects And Processing.
  • Beats — Dive deeper into deadmau5’s rhythmic techniques, with lessons on snare sounds and a closer look at the drums tracks in ‘Snowcone.’
  • Structuring Songs including Remixes, Mixing & Mastering — A case study on ‘Snowcone.’
  • Lessons on Building a Career and Understanding the Music Business — Joel puts on his label-manager’s-hat to talk about what he looks for when he’s signing up and coming EDM artists, and offer advice about how develop your brand and promote it the right way.
  • Students will have Access to all the Resources Including — The workbook for each lesson, access to the audio stems for deadmau5‘s ‘Snowcone,’ and access to student community, The Hub, where students can discuss lessons, sharing assignments, and connecting with classmates.



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