Ferry Corsten Cosmic Gate Event Horizon – Ferry Corsten is back with another future classic, this time in tandem with Cosmic Gate. “Event Horizon” is the first collaboration between Ferry Corsten and Cosmic Gate – a highly anticipated group effort following years of remixing each other’s work.

“Event Horizon” features a perfect fusion of pounding bass line and a simple catchy melody, mastering essential trance elements for a timeless record.

The single will later be accompanied by the release of the official music video on October 10th – a remarkable live art display timelapse from famed interpretive painter Norton Williams, who’s collaborated with events from the 2002 Winter Olympics to Coachella Music Festival.


Download or Stream: http://flashover.choons.at/eventhorizon


“I’ve been friends with the Cosmic Gate guys for such a long time. Their music is inspiring and matches up really well with what I do, so it was a no-brainer that we’d get into the studio together. I’m really excited by this song and can’t wait to see all the fan reactions when I play it live.”Ferry Corsten



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