Dannic Fonk Radio – After his unmissable Front of House radio show being syndicated to 45 of the biggest radio stations around the world, as well as podcast hits overflowing to almost ½ million downloads monthly, Dannic gets ready to take his radio talents in a new, exciting direction with his fresh listening concept of Fonk Radio. Switching from Tuesday to the new day of Wednesday, every week from @ 6pm CET with Episode 1 now live, Fonk Radio aims to continue the groove with the funk-infused house music that Fonk Recordings is already admired for, as well as the hottest electronic hits in the scene today.

Pushing material from the likes of Tom & JameHoll & Rush and Amersy, as well as a string of up-and-coming producers brought together from his stand out Fonk Recordings demo drops and digital submissions, Dannic’s Fonk outfit has prided itself on driving the latest rolling rhythms and dance anthems whilst complimenting his own signature style. Launching unique and exciting artists onto a rising platform, the brand new concept for the Fonk Radio show aims to follow a similar suit, throwing more energetic flavours in the mix with some of the industry’s brightest rising stars.




With an array of killer releases already from the Fonk Recordings collective including Dannic’s ‘Funky Time’ hitting the upper echelons of the Beatport charts as Will K & Corey James‘s explosive ‘Let Me See You’ followed similar suit, the hype surrounding Dannic’s fresh direction continues to reach fever pitch, with the brand new radio show signaling the next path in the journey of Fonk Recordings with Episode 1 available to stream now! Keep your eyes on Dannic’s social media below to stay up to date with broadcast times in your region – it’s time to get Fonk-y!


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