Welcome to this week’s review! For the fifth edition here, we’ve got a really special lineup of five of my favorite chilled out songs to ever happen. Dim the lights and grab a drink- we’re going on a journey.


Goodbye Gravity – Hours


This is the kind of music I can listen to for hours – just like everything else in this list, and by Goodye Gravity, for that matter. Chilled out, yet also fun and happy the whole time, ‘Hours’ is an instant favorite and a worthy addition to this special edition.


Direct & Finding Hope – Falling Into Place


Of all styles of music I personally strive to master, this is it. ‘Falling Into Place’ is the epitome of what I both hope to achieve and what I think is the best music that can ever be made. Honestly that is all I have to say about this song. Absolutely stunning.


Sorrow ft. Shura – 1+1 & Aether


A friend sent me this song while we were discussing songs such as Hours and Falling Into Place, and I instantly loved it. It starts off with a lot of interesting stuff – and the whole song grows on you as it goes. The watery effects are something that are personally amazing to me, and it’s something I love to see in music.


Subtact ft. Jay Rodger – Burden (Mr. Fijiwiji Remix)


If you need to chill out harder than anyone has ever chilled out, this is the first song you need to play. Emotional, a little sad, and absolutely beautiful, this remix by The Fij himself is one of the best works of art in existence, if you ask me.


Karma Fields – Skyline


Finishing strong, we’ll leave you with ‘Skyline’ – Karma Field’s wonderful addition to the music scene and my personal favorite song ever. Deceptively simple yet complex, fun, but a little sad, and energetic, while relaxing as anything, ‘Skyline’ is a tough one to beat.

Perfection, in song form.

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