People typically not in the rave scene typically call our music techno. Well, maybe they might be right, if it were to have just happened to be an actual techno song that was playing…but it usually isn’t.  EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music as most of us know and is broken down into categories and subcategories. I was listening to a dubstep song the other day and someone thought it was techno. The conversation went like this:

Him: “Techno?”

Me: “Dubstep.”

Him: “What’s the difference?”

Sometimes it’s easier to just let someone listen to the difference rather than trying to explain it!

Just to name a few, there’s:



-Deep House

-Acid House


-Psy Trance



-Glitch Hop


-Electro House

…and so many more! So the next time your hear EDM, remember it covers all genres of Electronic Dance Music.


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