The picture shown above may not mean anything to you aside from the fact that you see some separate waveforms; but, separate waveforms is exactly what needs to be seen here. Native Instruments, a company known worldwide to DJ’s and producers, is preparing their new audio format entitled “Stems” to launch this summer. Now, I’m sure the question is in your head now; “Why do I care?” This format is mainly for the mixing and producing community, as it allows for one piece to be split into multiple tracks, or Stems.

The point behind this is to allow DJ’s to mix only certain parts of a track; for example, say a track has wonderful sound design but the drums are lacking. You could use the drums from another song with the synths from the original, creating a completely new experience. The format appeals to a huge audience in the music production community as well, as pieces often times have no split tracks to be found; so, remixes are considerably harder to create.

I personally believe that Stems will change this. In the long run, not only do I expect to see this affecting the DJ community, but I see a huge market for producers remixing pieces. As we anxiously await the release of the new Stems format, I’ll embed a video below of it being previewed and used by an employee of Native Instruments itself.


Native Instruments “Stems” Page


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