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22Bullets JAMIE Fedde Le Grand Wouldn’t Be Me 22Bullets JAMIE Fedde Le Grand Wouldn’t Be Me

EDM Releases

22Bullets joins forces with Fedde Le Grand and JAMIE to release “Wouldn’t Be Me” on 21 Jan via WHET Records, Warner Music Asia’s pan-Asian...

EDM Releases

DJ, producer, and Toronto native Bensley is quickly becoming an exciting artist to watch as his signature style is imbued with sounds inspired by the full...

EDM Releases

Purple Fly welcomes top Malaysian powerhouses MSPUIYI and Goldfish with their new collaboration “Men-Mory,” which sees the influencer and model making her debut as a singer and the award-winning DJ and...

EDM Releases

Bedrock Records invites Franky Wah and his signature sound of colossal electronic music for his debut release on the label. The two-tracker EP, “Dopa La Vita /...



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