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Craig Oram Is Transforming Dancefloors with Innovative Beats and Energetic Vibes

Craig Oram has appeared as a flourishing talent within the world of Electronic Music. With his journey into music production and DJing sparked by the electrifying energy of festival dancefloors, where the dynamic interplay of rhythm and beats captivated his imagination, Craig Oram has been honing his craft ever since, continuing to ensure a promising future within the genre. From his early experiences at festivals like Timewarp to his current projects, Craig Oram continues to strive for musical evolution and innovation, crafting music that resonates with audiences and elevates the dance music experience. 

Fuelled by his deep-rooted passion for Electronic Music, Craig Oram’s early years involved attending festivals and sharing tunes with friends at parties, immersing himself in a musical community to enrich his own musical palette whilst solidifying his desire to produce his own tracks. Having embarked on his exploration into music production, Craig Oram set about developing the techniques, skillset, and talent required to create impactful music, drawing from a rich tapestry of influences and inspired by Artists like Lu4o, Shagy (IL) and Jacob (IL), along with the work of Brazilian Minimal Artists like Louie Cut and Groove Delight. As he refines his approach and style, Craig Oram’s appreciation and passion for the genre appear as a supportive foundation for him to lean upon, continuing to motivate his journey within Electronic Music.   

With a signature sound often characterised by its strong focus on rhythm, bringing driving basslines and pounding beats within his music, Craig Oram merges elements from the genres of Minimal and Indie Dance, adding nuances of the energy of Psytrance. Through his work, Craig Oram aims to excite listeners, creating music that will energise the dancefloors of his performances, bringing party-starter vibes with impactful drops and layers of high-octane details. As experimentation remains paramount within his approach, always striving to explore fresh ground, Craig Oram continues to cement himself as an innovative creator within Electronic Music today.  

As a DJ, Craig Oram showcases just as much potential, presenting an innate ability to connect with audiences through his intuitive track selection and energetic sets. Within his shows, Craig Oram works to introduce fresh sounds, curating mixes that are far from mainstream, instead revealing his latest discoveries to highlight his own tastes and penchant for exploration. With his list of appearances growing, taking to the decks as a solo performer and as part of his DJ duo, Campsite Kings, it seems only a matter of time before Craig Oram’s reach expands further, inviting new audiences to discover the originality and talent behind his unique creative world.  

An ambitious, committed and determined force, Craig Oram is ready to make his mark on the Electronic Music scene, already appearing on a trajectory for an exciting career within the genre. So, a talent to be watching closely, be sure to stay updated on Craig Oram’s latest projects via social media. 

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