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Unleashing Creativity: The Rise of LETAGE, the Versatile French Musician and Director

LETAGE, whose real name is Hugo Leggins, is a versatile musical artist hailing from Nancy, France. With his skills as a rapper and music video director, LETAGE has quickly gained recognition in the French music scene.


Growing up in the Nancy region, LETAGE was immersed in a creative environment from a young age, surrounded by musical artists and filmmakers. His passion for music and audiovisuals was nurtured by these rich and diverse influences, leading him to develop a dual expertise as a complete artist.


LETAGE first made his mark in the visual arts of videography, creating captivating music videos that caught the attention of both the public and music industry professionals. His keen sense of aesthetics and overflowing creativity are reflected in each of his works, adding a unique visual dimension to his music.


But LETAGE doesn’t limit himself to just directing music videos; he has also showcased his talent as a rapper. With his unique style and powerful flow, he has stood out in the French rap scene. His lyrics are authentic, poignant, and convey strong messages, reflecting his life experiences and worldview.


With his innovative approach and mastery of both aspects of music creation, LETAGE continues to gain popularity and capture the attention of the media and audiences alike. His versatile talent and passion for music and audiovisuals make him an artist to watch closely in the French music industry and beyond.

Stream his single below:

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