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Papa Roach Teams Up With Kayzo and Sullivan King for “DOMINATION”

Kayzo, Sullivan King, and Papa Roach have teamed up to release “DOMINATION”, an incendiary new song that showcases each artist’s superpowers. The tune, inspired by the success of the 2018 Kayzo and Papa Roach collaboration “Last Resort: The Re-Work” tells anyone listening “LET’S GET F*CKING ROWDY”, followed by a genre-bending ride through EDM and Rock chords, as heard through the ears of these artists.

“This was a blast to create,” shared Papa Roach front man, Jacoby Shaddix, in a press statement, “We created the track in early 2019, and were waiting for the perfect moment to unleash it.  These guys are creative trend-setters in EDM / Rock crossover music, and we were stoked to get it bit more ROWDY.”

When speaking aobut the collaboration, Kayzo shared, “This song has been a long time coming. Sullivan King and I started the instrumental back mid-2019 and knew we needed a massive vocal on it. Jacoby and Papa Roach came into town a few months later and we linked up in the studio and bam, domination was born! It’s a wild ride of bass rock and metal, and I can’t wait to play it when festivals and shows are back.”

“Honestly, I am just so happy that Kayzo and I, having come from the EDM world and bass music world first, are getting to be a part of this new crossover between our scenes and metal/rock. It’s also so wicked getting to work with this brand new, young rock group Papa Roach,” Sullivan King added, with a smile towards the band. “They’re so beyond talented and I really think they’re going to be something massive. They could certainly take over the heavy music world and have a big song one day. Like they may even go gold or platinum eventually with some hard work. Truly an amazing time for all of us!”


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