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Thomas Gold
Thomas Gold

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Interview: Thomas Gold On Making Endless Jams

The man behind countless dancefloor bangers, Thomas Gold, has had another prolific year – despite it being one of the strangest in existence. With years of experience under his belt, he delivered a killer remake of Technotronic’s ‘Pump Up The Jam’ a month or so back, which takes a classic firmly into the present. We got chatting with Thomas to hear more about it, and what he plans for the next year and beyond.

Thanks so much for joining us! Where would you say your earliest musical
inspirations came from?

I grew up with the 90s house music scene, Farley Jackmaster Funk’s ‘Love Cant Turn Around’ was one of the tracks that got me into this genre. My first producer and DJ inspirations came from guys like Erick Morillo and Roger Sanchez – not only when I watched them playing their crazy all nighter sets at Pacha Ibiza.

How do you feel your sound has changed since you first started out? Is it constantly
evolving or do you feel comfortable in one certain style right now?

My sound has been constantly evolving since I started making music, this has always been an essential part of my artistic development; I think that apart from improving my skills in regards to technical production and sound quality, I have been influenced by a lot of different movements and musical trends/streams which I was surrounded by (like all of us); ‘Progressive House’ as a sub-genre of EDM was one of the biggest influences for me though.

How would you sum up your vibe as a producer?

I would say mostly emotionally driven. I love to create a a ‘flow’ of vibe within my productions. My sound ranges from pretty ‘smooth’ and melodic to pounding, punchy drops and basslines. I love the musical contrast and ‘drama.’

Whose music are you particularly feeling right now?

No one specific. I listen to all kinds of music, even randomly to my car radio. I’m kind of open to a lot of genres.

How do you want people to feel listening to ‘Pump Up The Jam’? Were you always a
fan of the original?

Oh yes! I still remember exactly how I first heard the track and how excited I got about it! It was 1989, I was on Tenerife for vacation with a friend. We went to one of those bars where they had a DJ spinning. Crowded place, good vibes and a full dancefloor. When he played ‘Pump Up The Jam’, I was like “what is this” and walked up to the booth to find out… the DJ showed me the ‘White Pressing’ with just a handwritten note saying Technotronic – ‘Pump Up The Jam.’ I loved this tune and of course tried to get hold of my own vinyl after I got back home.



Are you happy with how it turned out, and how it’s been received?

So far, the is really great and I get a lot of comments and messages from my fans and friends on my social media. And yes, I’m super happy with it!

Talk us through your approach to making a new tune…

Normally it starts with a small idea – can be a melody, a bassline, a groove or a vocal line. From this point, I go with my own ‘flow’ and create additional elements to build a track. Sometimes it can go really quick, not taking more than 2 hours or so. But I have also had projects where it took days to find the right setup of sounds, grooves and allover vibe. It really depends on what I am working on, the more inspiring it is, the faster I work.

How would you like to spend 2021?

Healthy. And with the freedom and ability to see and meet friends and people in ‘real’ without limitations. And of course with a LOT of music coming out!


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