MIDNIGHT CVLT Join Us EP – MIDNIGHT CVLT’s apocalyptic / dystopian cyberpunk influence gives the perfect edge to what is a well-arranged collection of bass-heavy sounds. The alias is the newest project from mastermind Miguel Blanco, best known by his bass house moniker Michael White.

Illustrating a more dark and heavy realm than ever before, screeching, sometimes terrifying bass soundscapes come exploding with force in Join Us EP. 

Featuring four new songs: the glitchy, festival-ready hybrid titular track “Join Us,” the hard, metallic, tearout-influenced heater “Pray,” the futuristic synthwave/brostep hybrid “Obsessed” with The Brig, and the song that sees trap, bass house and reggae meeting head-to-head, “Suga Cane” with TITUS1 & Beenie Man string together naturally and collectively –  giving the experience zest.





The EP encapsulates the skill set that MIDNIGHT CVLT will be representing as a project, while also beginning to unfold the narrative that will span across all of MIDNIGHT CVLT‘s future releases.




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