Fans of riddim have always looked towards NSD’s Black Label for new talent, as the imprint is known for championing some of the best new faces (and sounds) in the heavier side of dubstep. Newcomers Kleavr x Tantrum are the next up-and-comers to make their debut on the label today, with their joint EP ‘Mechacoil’.

Mechacoil EP showcases the very best of what Kleavr x Tantrum have to offer, highlighting their diverse take on the modern ‘riddim’ sound. Though fairly new to the mainstream dubstep scene, the duo more than prove their worth with four suitably impactful tracks. If you like your riddim punchy, weighty and with a dose of experimentalism, be sure to give these guys a listen to get ahead of the curve.

Check out the Mechacoil EP below and grab your own copy HERE.