Still soaking up the buzz of her recent track ‘Gravity,’ the US producer and DJ Nala follows up the release with her four-piece EP Sirens. She has a highly unique hybrid sound that incorporates touches of electronica, pop and R&B – and we’re sure this is an artist with longevity.

Alongside the first single, you can hear three further gems from her creative mind. ‘Delirium’ will pull you beneath its surface with drifting embers of vocals and floating instrumentals. After ‘Gravity’ comes the more dynamic, rhythmically charged ‘Paradox,’ before Nala rounds off proceedings with the rich, bubbling flickers of ‘Telepathy.’

Nala says: “It took me a long time to complete this project. Primarily because I was learning the entire process by myself – everything from discovering my ‘sound’ to finding collaborators to determining what a good mix and master sounds like for me. I’m excited to have gone through this process and learn so much about what it takes to write an EP, and I’m happy to finally be able to share myself with people.”

Listen to Sirens here.


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