Denver duo Mersiv and Laika Beats have just put their aligned bass creativity together to release an EP for Wakaan. There are two tracks on offer as within New Kids On Tha Block, and you can hear each artist’s prowess and attention to detail shining through.

With Knat Turner’s punchy delivery coming in on the vocal front, Mersiv and Laika Beats provide some stellar low-end vibes. It moves from the intensely building title track to the dynamic, riff-driven ‘Dopamine,’ which hits hard with staggering sharp drum kicks and bassline swagger.

Laika Beats says of the EP project: “When we recorded these tracks we were definitely aiming to make anthems that were representative of the bass scene and our friends in Denver. After we had finished both those tracks, all three of us took a road trip and played in a show in Sioux City IA and premiered them for the first time. The crowds’ reactions for both songs is something I will never forget– these tracks inspire a ferocious energy and that perfectly resembles the spirit of Denver and our love for all things music.”

Stream it below.



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