We have been joined by Sicilian artist, DJ and producer Doc Trashz this week, who has just released four gold cuts under the Minestream EP. He tells us a little bit more about his background, the collection and his vibe as a creative. Check it out!

Thanks so much for joining us! You’ve been making music for some time now. Where would you say your earliest inspirations came from?

Thank you for having me!  So my first introduction to music was at 15 years as a turntablist  and DJ – at the time I was not a producer yet but I already felt the need to start composing music, not just playing it in DJ sets. And after few years it happened.

How do you feel your sound has changed since you first started out? Is it constantly evolving or do you feel comfortable in one certain style right now?

Over the years I have explored my sound within many musical genres, so I can absolutely confirm that I
have a constant evolution but always trying to maintain a trademark.

How would you sum up your vibe as a producer?

Absolutely curious.

Whose music are you particularly feeling right now?

Right now I’m in love with a lot of new tech house and breaks stuff.

We love Minestream – it really delves deep into your sound. What do you want people to take from it?

Thanks,  I’m glad you like it. Well the message is clear enough, it’s an invitation to not to give too much importance to the mainstream, but to create your own network selection for anything  – not just about music. Your mind will benefit, otherwise idiocracy will be around the corner.



Are you happy with how it turned out, and how fans have been receiving it?

It’s important to ensure that anyone who appreciates it will automatically be the type of audience that I have
the desire to reach. In practice, a relationship is created between what I created and with those who listen and appreciate it. So I’m happy, because this work attracts a lot of my wildest fans.

Do you have a tune or release in your back catalogue that you are most proud of?

Yep, my track ‘Ham On Eyes’ is one of my favourites and one of my most experimental sounds yet.

What else do you have coming up that we should know about?

I’m alway working on new stuff so haters can rest assured, because until I have the chance, I will drop
what may be “trash” to them.



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