Ashlynn Malia ‘Desperate’ – Despite having just turned 18 years old, LA-based Ashlynn Malia sings with the depth and conviction of an experienced vocalist. Renowned for her career as an award-winning contemporary dancer, Ashlynn has been quietly writing music since the age of 10, steadily refining her voice and songwriting ability. While inspired by many of her counterparts, her music is undeniably personal — she often uses songwriting “to understand how [her] own mind works.” 



Her debut single, “Desperate,” is a reflection of all this: lyrically and musically self-aware. Teaming up with Michigan-born producer Peach Fumes — one-half of alt-electronic duo LMBO — the song blends elements of darkness and light, balancing distorted sonic textures with a smooth and memorable melody. It’s a detailed portrait of Ashlynn Malia’s vivid inner world powered by bold synths and calculated drum placement.


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The multi-talented artist has already established herself as an influencer in her own right, topping over 25K followers on Instagram and 80K on rising short-form video platform TikTok (mainly for her chilling acoustic covers and dance/makeup shorts). However, her path as a musician is just beginning.

“Desperate” is out now on Oval Records and a video of Ashlynn performing a full dance routine to the song is set to be released in the near future!


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