MYRNE & Karra – ‘Worlds Away‘ – Singapore powerhouse producer MYRNE returns with an emotionally uplifting single ‘Worlds Away‘ featuring Karra off his debut album via Ultra Music. ‘Worlds Away‘ sees the evolution of MYRNE while showing maturity in his iconic sounds. Certainly an emotional anthem that takes the listener on a journey of mourning, love, loss, beauty, and yearning.



Worlds Away‘ is a song about the imperceptibility of distance; both physical distance, and the emotional distance two people share. MYRNE says, “The concept of ‘Worlds Away’ is relating to the dependencies one develops in maintaining long-distance relationships, and the importance of self-development in nurturing these interactions.

The track has a deep and personal roots for Karra, as it is inspired by her guardian angel, Kyle Craig, who passed away her senior year of high school. Karra says, “I sang at his funeral, and have been forever spiritually bound to his soul. The loss of a loved one is an emotion that we all know, and have felt before. I’m at peace knowing that ‘Worlds Away’ is an outlet for such intense, deep emotions.



On his debut album, In Search of Solitude, MYRNE‘s vision seeks to document coming to terms with distance, without the influence of others. “For the longest time, I’ve always felt albeit too influenced by what I ‘ought’ to create, not what feels natural to me. So I took some time off from paying attention to the scene, working instead on this record which documents both the excitement of growth, and the apprehension one feels when it comes to adventure, introspection, and self-discovery,” MYRNE says.


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