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Interview: LIAMOO, Steerner & Hechmann On Becoming Idols

Their brand new summer collaboration has already come out and is doing the rounds. ‘Broken Hearted’ is a bit of a stunner from producers Steerner and Hechmann, and features vocals from Swedish Idol singer LIAMOO. 

They talk us through the track and their current plans and aspirations in our exclusive interview.

Where would you say your earliest inspirations came from?

Hechmann: My inspiration came early from my family, who also plays a lot of music, just in a completely different genre (fusion jazz). Tiesto was a great inspiration in the electronic music scene, and my goal was to combine authentic music with electronic to give a more exciting sound picture.

LIAMOO: My earliest inspirations comes from a lot of different artists, I just love music. It doesn’t matter what genre!

Steerner: I used to listen to a lot of techno/hands up music back in the days. But the artist who introduced me to create my own stuff was Avicii.

How would you describe each other’s vibes as producers? 

H: Steerner and I very much agree in music, not to stick to a particular genre. We are both very melodic, and love to create something beautifully instrumental with a lot of sweet authentic and organic sound combined with electronic. I love to use real instruments in my production. 

L:I like both Steerner and Hechmann’s vibe! It’s not really the sound that I started with when I began making music, but I enjoy it!

S: In one word: Brilliant. This song came together really smoothly and I think we all really enjoyed it. Good vibes!

Whose idea was it to collaborate on ‘Broken Hearted?’ How long did the writing process take? 

H: It started with I had made a raw demo of ‘Broken Hearted,’ which I then sent to Steerner to see about a possible collab. At that time it was actually a completely different singer, but we tried to get Liamoo on the song and luckily succeeded. The whole building of this song has taken a lot of time, but the idea itself was quickly developed. We were a little inspired by Gryffin and I was also thinking of a happy campfire feeling, which resulted in the guitar placement.

L: I received the demo on my email from my A&R, and I liked it the first time I heard it.

S: It all started out when Hechmann sent me an guitar idea. At this point we were searching for a top-liner and Universal suggested LIAMOO. We sent the demo to him and just after couple of days ‘Broken Hearted’ was born! Liam nailed it.

Are you all happy with the finished track?

H: I’m very happy with the result of the track. Great support for it and happy vibes. Yeah, I like it.

L: I’m also very happy with the results! It’s a happy, summery vibe song!

S: Think we are all happy with the final result, yes! Otherwise we would never have released it 😉

Who else’s music are you particularly feeling right now?

H: I’m listening to a lot of Tame Impala and Kygo at the moment. (two different genres, but love getting the inspiration).

L: Right now I’m listening to Khalid a lot!

S: I listen to s lot of Madeon at the moment. A huge inspiration of mine as well!

(Steerner and Hechmann) What track is always in your DJ sets? 

H: Journey – ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ (MYNGA remix) – good breakdown song for all the hard tracks 😉

S: Sub Focus – ‘Turn Back Time’ (Steerner Bootleg)

(LIAMOO) How has life changed for you since Swedish Idol? 

Idol started a new life for me! I’ve been busy since the competition and i love it! The show gave me my chance to do what I love doing so I took it! I’m happy!

What do you all have planned for the summer? 

H: My plan is to write a lot of new music and move in to my new apartment in Copenhagen.

L: A lot of gigs and a lot of studio time. But I won’t forget the sun!

S: I’m playing Summerburst and Lollapalooza this summer so I’m really excited! Might be heading to China in August as well for a DJ gig.

If you could only have one tune on repeat for life, what would it be?

H: It’s hard to explain because I love a lot of music and also listen to very different music based on my mood. But 80’s songs always gets me!

L: Hmm, ‘Lamborghini Dreaming’ with Kid Ink.

S: I think a more chill track would be the perfect choice: Enya – ‘Only Time,’ love this one!



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