Florian Picasso & Echosmith – ‘But Us‘ – You never know quite what style you’re going to get on a new Florian Picasso single. What you can always be sure of, though, is that it’s going to be an energetic, colorful affair that makes you feel damn good inside. His latest single ‘But Us‘ is a collaboration with American indie pop group Echosmith, and it’s one of his most glorious to date.



Sweet synth delays begin the track over cute keys, before the blissful vocals of Echosmith‘s Sydney glide over the track amidst light finger clicks. Gentle snare rolls build the track as far-off melody teases, before the track explodes with buzzing bass and leads and the spine-tingling main riff. Full of bright energy and positivity, it’s a surefire summer hit.

Echosmith‘s 2013 single ‘Cool Kids‘ was a Top 10 hit around the world and was certified triple platinum in the US. Their emotive sound made for the perfect combo with Florian‘s passionate signature style. “Having Echosmith as a featured artist on ‘But Us’ is a blessing” says Florian. “Being one of my favourite bands I couldn’t be happier since they will be the bridge to my new musical adventure.”



With this excellent collaboration under his belt, you can expect to hear more cross-genre hook-ups from Florian in the future with the help of some of his other favourite artists along the way.


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