Just in time for the weekend, the sun-drenched sounds of Torn Palk are out via label Absent Mind. Not much is known about he anonymous musician, an artist who describes his style as “misanthropical vibes and a love for unity.”

Latest single ‘Juliana’ is built on a foundation of bright, breezy, psychedelic instrumentation, showcasing his ear for hazy melodies bolstered by shimmering synth pads and lush guitar work. Torn Palik is an undeniable master of his craft, and ‘Juliana’ brings us onboard from the opening bars to the finish.

Discussing the track, he says: “Juliana’ is about a situation in which you feel fully connected to your surroundings. This can be a place, a person or memories of both. It’s a simple love song.”

Give it a listen for yourself below!



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