Collaborative DJ and producing duo group Darwin x Mainecoon have just released their brand-new single ‘Not Even Hot’ featuring KINNOHA. Coming off the hinges of their recently unveiled pop tune ‘Mean A Thing,’ these guys now return to the EDM soundscapes to release ‘Not Even Hot’ on Paradise Circus.


Stream ‘Not Even Hot’ (Ft. KINNOHA) Here:



Featuring vocals from captivating and clean singer-songwriter KINNOHA, Darwin x Mainecoon continue to present their well-established future pop hybrid sound. Flowing effortlessly between KINNOHA’s voice and the colorfully crafted pop meets future-bass sound and melody, the tasteful bass grinds and synths are both emphasized and paired perfectly using their production prowess and the talent vocal topline.


Coming together from Paris, these guys have been two years in the making as a rising, newcomer DJ and producing duo group. With popular songs like ‘isolated’ with Akalex, ‘Runaway Love’ featuring Reese Gardner and ‘Light Year’ amongst others, these guys have had a myriad of experience. Dabbling with genres like bass house, tribal sounds, chill bass music and drum & bass plus others.

Never failing to impress us, these guys are going stronger than ever with this officially released Paradise Circus single ‘Not Even Hot’ featuring KINNOHA. Showing no evidence that they are backing down, they are bound to continue rising, expanding their production ability, collaborating with other great talent and releasing powerful new tracks.

Show some love for Darwin x Mainecoonas they continue expanding their career as we move through 2019 and support Paradise Circus along the way as more tasteful productions will without a doubt continue to be debuted and unveiled!


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