Cuyo – Ether Clear EP – Austin-based producer Cuyo today unveils his new Ether Clear EP – a 7-track collection of geo-sonic eco-electronic experiments in organic and digital textures, rhythms, and concepts, out now and streaming everywhere via Good Enuff.



Ether Clear is an homage to hybridity, socio-ecology, and queerness,” Cuyo explains. “These geo-sonic digital recordings took place over the course of 7 years, and were inspired by the synergetic pulses of Mother Nature and the dire need for liminality and liminal spaces in the Anthropocene.”

As a whole, its obscure auditory context is set in a future-past where humxn civilization has reaffirmed the utmost value of maximized biodiversity and shared prosperity amongst all Earthian life,” he continues. “This was primarily actualized by an extraordinary, penultimate unification of humxns and cybernetic life in combating and reversing ecocide, climate chaos, and extinction with augmented polycultural applications of auto-biovitalizing technologies.”



Cuyo (“light”, n=taïno origin) is a socioecologically driven geosonic artist with an innate ability to transmit the emotive energy of Earth into auditory complexes that heal. Cuyo‘s poly-genre works co-inspire a global movement of other multi-dimensional channelers, dancers, ecologists, activists and artist-scientists of all backgrounds in a mass effort to inspire unity and love through the Anthropocene, and into the hybrid eco-future.


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