London soul based singer Sarah Isabella introduces herself into the musical landscape and to us with the impressively smooth ‘Dangerous Mind.’ Dropping through Absent Mind, it’s the most groove-infused, blissed out track that we’ve heard in a while!

Her official debut is simplistic in terms of production; handclaps drive the percussion laced with a distant groove-laden melody. It’s that stripping away of the fanfare which lets lyrics hold a more profound effect. Her warm and soft tone transcends the track, allowing her to display vulnerability and be relatable. Short and sweet, it leaves us wanting more.

Speaking on the track, Sarah says: “Dangerous Trip is a journey of free-falling into intellectual stimulation and unplanned loving, with all of the risks it brings. It takes the perspective of a love which isn’t youthful or glamorous, but more rugged and enigmatic.”

It’s another lovely release from Absent Mind, so make sure you give ‘Dangerous Trip’ a listen below.



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