“Still Love U” is the first single off LMBO’s forthcoming debut EP. It provides a prime introduction to a project that will take listeners on a journey through lucid dreamscapes and tropical beach feels alike. Released on the imprint Paradise Circus (backed by Universal Music Group Germany), “Still Love U” kicks off with silent static with the essence of burning firewood, while slowly bringing in harmonized vocal pitches and echoing leads.


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Wasting no time, Koby and Mike instantly drop the thing into a whirlwind of heavy bass, off-beat synth waves, and polyrhythm percussion. Kick back to the euphoric beats before some outro vocals from Swartz himself, closing out a versatile production any music fan will vibe to. In speaking on the creative process, Mike and Koby said:


Still Love U” is the first track off our upcoming EP “Ennui”. To us, “Still Love You” serves as an introduction to the vibe of the EP- it blends together some of the most important melodies from the rest of the tracks. Each song kind of represents something we were feeling in being overwhelmed by all of these new challenges and emotions in post-college life.


As they gear up for the EP, LMBO will be performing at various shows within the LA and Grand Rapids (Michigan) area. Hope you enjoy!


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