Upcoming producer Effin has been a hot topic in the dubstep community this week, as he releases his ‘Operate EP’ on SKisM’s label Never Say Die. A debut quite unlike any other, ‘Operate EP’ has had fans starstruck as the scene marvels at the production wizardry that newcomer Effin has to offer.

Premiering tracks like ‘Flood’, ‘Lettuce’ and ‘Hysteria’ this week on the Never Say Die SoundCloud channel, Effin has been showcasing exactly why he’s worthy of the limelight. His music has fast created an impact with its unique sound design and creativity, making a refreshing change from much of the dubstep scene’s current sounds. This is an EP that bass fans won’t be forgetting any time soon, as Effin reaffirms his name as one of the producers to watch out for 2019 and beyond.

Get a listen of ‘Operate EP’ below and don’t forget to snag your copy HERE.