EAUXMAR – ‘Overrated VIP‘ – EAUXMAR‘s brilliant blend of pop and dance makes for some seriously infectious tracks, but this new VIP Mix of recent single ‘Overrated‘ shows that he’s got what it takes to reinterpret his gorgeous productions for maximum dancefloor impact.



Perfectly tuned and tweaked bass thrusts give the track an urgent feel from the off, with skipping classic house percussive rhythms pumping over his colorful synth sounds. The break lets the achingly beautiful female vocal shine as bright, euphoric chords rise from the depths. Just as the joyous energy reaches a crescendo, we slam back down into a stuttering chord groove and those delicious beats. The high-pitched vocal sections elevate the track higher, making this one a surefire summer hit.

In fact, the summer feel is no coincidence: EAUXMAR created this special version in anticipation of a busy summer where he’ll play the likes of Lollapalooza Berlin, Mysteryland and Ibiza. You can catch him this weekend at Paaspop Festival in The Netherlands (19-21 April), where this one is sure to get another great tryout.



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