AMWIN – ‘Dua Lipa‘ – On the heels of releasing her highly-anticipated debut EP, AMWIN in Wonderland, Swedish artist on the rise AMWIN has dropped a stunning visual for her lead single ‘Dua Lipa.’ Produced by Carl Lehman and Carli Löf, the song departs from the blonde stunners signature sass and showcases a beautiful depth and vulnerability. AMWIN shared, “I wanted to make a song that’s just about straight up being in love with someone. No compromising. No playing it cool. Just straight ‘I love you, I love you, I love you. Please don’t break my fragile heart’.”



For the ‘Dua Lipa‘ music video, Grammy nominated director Nicolina Knapp wanted to show an expression of the internal struggle of falling in love. She brought to life a concept of being overwhelmed by the feeling of love and so fearful of ending up heartbroken you try to escape that feeling by shutting down. Not giving that person the power to mess up your mind. Knapp transports the viewer into AMWINs wonderland, using the song itself as the sound of her inner voice trying to break free from the control. Stylist and designer Selam Fessahaye evolved the fantasy further with her breathtaking costuming.

Every AMWIN song is an escape into the world inside her head, a beautifully strange fantasia populated by glamorous misfits and glorious monsters, libertines and Bright Young Things, ’80s movie idols and ’90s rock-and-roll stars. On her EP AMWIN in Wonderland, the Stockholm-based artist brings that world to life with her hypnotically glossy yet minimalist pop, delivering a debut that’s equal parts elegant fever dream and sharply detailed confession of her deepest desires.



With the release of her debut EP, AMWIN hopes that her own creative journey might spark a new sense of freedom in others: the freedom to feel too much, to make an extraordinary mess of your heart, and—maybe most of all—to wildly contradict yourself whenever it feels right. “I really just wanted to allow myself to not make sense, because I think that’s so true to life: we often don’t make much sense in the way we act or the way we feel,” she says of AMWIN in Wonderland. “I want everyone to know that every emotion or thought is okay, because when you accept yourself instead of judging yourself, it’s so much easier to feel good. I guess that’s my purpose with all of this: to just let everything out, so we can all feel good about who we really are.”


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