YOOKiE & Nitti Gritti – ‘Apocalypse‘ – The bad brothers of bass music, YOOKiE are returning to Kannibalen Records with the eclectic talent that is Miami’s Nitti Gritti. Together they are ushering listeners to the end of the world with their Earth-shattering cataclysm, ‘Apocalypse.’



Unrelenting, unforgiving and full of bone-crunching basslines, ‘Apocalypse‘ will annihilate dancefloors across the globe. With YOOKiE‘s heavy sensibilities and Nitti Gritti‘s own savvy for making hits thanks to collaborations with top A-list acts like Diplo, Enrique Iglesias and Bad Bunny, this leviathan is alluring in its minimalist composition, yet striking in its power. An aphotic atmosphere ushers us forward in the intro before dark, divine drums rumble ominously. Before you know it, the bass explodes in an all out mind-melting anthem.

This is the soundtrack for when the world ends,” says YOOKiE. Nitti Gritti concludes saying, “YOOKiE told me about this world ending bass track because they used one of my 808s in, and then we just decided to finish the track together. I’m stoked to release this monster!



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