Marking the second release of 2019 for Paradise Circus, WUSA returns to the rising label with a remix for his wildly successful production Ghost featuring the soulful collaboration of vocalist IIVES. Having been his first release on Paradise Circus last year, this time around AYOSHA chills things down. 


Listen to WUSA – ‘Ghost’ (AYOSHA) Remix  


WUSA is a duo group two years in the making who have been producing behind the scenes for a host of well-known artists in Berlin. Now after releasing their own single ‘Ghost’ alongside longtime friend and fellow Berlin artist IIVES in 2018, the previous collaboration sees their hit now being remixed by Germany based DJ and producer AYOSHA. 

The original production vibed well into the past of the 80s with a fresh flavor, with singer-songwriter IIVES offering her strong vocals as a topline above a powerful melody, strong beat and poppy kicks. ‘Ghost’ now gains the remix treatment from rising German producer AYOSHA, who gives the track a more chilled out tropical and swingful hybrid sound.



Equally as exciting and intriguing as the original hit from Paradise Circus in 2018, fans of the original production along with new listeners absolutely have to check out their new remix. Enjoy the track above on Spotify, stream it on the other various platforms here and make sure to follow Paradise Circus for coming tracks and follow WUSA and AYOSA to see what the rest of 2019 has to offer!

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