Swanky Tunes – ‘Virus‘ – Protocol Recordings welcomes the talented trio Swanky Tunes to the family with their new release ‘Virus‘ that, like is namesake, is sure to take the dance music scene by storm. These guys have long burgeoned the sound of electronic music in its heyday and ‘Virus‘ delivers with a driving four-by-four bassline complete with bouncy melodies and upbeat vocals, calling to mind the irreplaceable feeling of a packed crowd dancing in unison at a festival mainstage.



With lyrics like “we are originals and nothing can divide us,” Swanky Tunes‘ track ‘Virus‘ relays a hopeful and inspiring message to listeners, encouraging individuality that goes hand-in-hand with camaraderie. With previous releases on Ultra Records, Armada Music, Size, Spinnin’ Records and more, ‘Virus‘ is Swanky Tunes‘ first release on Protocol. Take a listen to ‘Virus‘ any time you need an immediate pick-me-up – or want to relive your favorite festival experience.

This is only the beginning for Swanky Tunes on Protocol, so keep an eye for more new music and show announcements coming this year.



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