Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano & Bruno Martini – ‘Shameless‘ – When a song enjoys as much success as ‘Savages,’ it’s no wonder the world has been begging for a follow-up. Answering the crowd’s cries for more, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Bruno Martini have once again joined forces with songstress Mayra to deliver a track that’s at least as undeniably strong and infectious as its predecessor. Enter ‘Shameless.’



Picking up where ‘Savages‘ left off, ‘Shameless‘ sees Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Bruno Martini and Mayra reach even greater heights with a stunning new vocal track. Juggling Mayra‘s dynamic vocals with stellar builds and powerful, club-ready drops, ‘Shameless‘ could very well be one of their biggest records of the year.

With the single already premiered on SiriusXM BPM and supported by Music Choice as well as dance music icons such as David Guetta, it can only get better for ‘Shameless‘ as its creators introduce it to the world with a joint performance at Story in Miami on the eve of its release.



Hailing from the same country as her lifetime friend and partner-in-crime Bruno Martini, singer, composer, actress and songwriter Mayra ranks among the most talented and versatile Brazilian artists. Having inherited her musical gift from her father, she managed to become one of the most in-demand singer-songwriters in South America and her brilliant contribution to ‘Shameless’ could very well be touted as the icing on the cake.


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