Track & Field – ‘Toetagged‘ (Topi Remix) – In the scene for over a few years now, Finland’s very own DJ and producer Topi has been unveiling track after track, venturing into the many corners of the EDM soundscapes. Crafting his tasteful flavor of dubstep, blending darker sounds and drum n’ bass, you can’t wrong with this artist! Now, he’s back with a brand-new single coming in the form of a remix for Track & Field‘s single ‘Toetagged.’



Track & Field‘s debut release ‘Toetagged‘ on No Tomorrow combines rude synths and frenetic sample work with deep, commanding rhythms. Topi offers his spin on the electro house tip, flexing his ability as a dubstep producer in the darker house spectrum. Check out the song below and show some support for Topi via his socials, linked under the track!



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