Paul Oakenfold – Soccer Aid & Unicef Advisor – When Unicef says Soccer Aid is like no other game of football, they really mean it. For over 12 years, the world’s leading humanitarian organization has raised more than $30 Million for children that provides life-saving food, vaccines, clean water and protection from violence to millions of children around the world.



Because of his incredible support for Soccer Aid for Unicef in 2018, which raised 6.7 million, to help transform these lives, legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold has been named to the advisory board. 2019’s match will take place in June at the Stamford Bridge who hosts the mighty Chelsea F.C.

Paul‘s Role at Soccer Aid Productions will call on his advice and support to engage in key aspects of the 2019 campaign including talent for the halftime performance as well as linking to potential commercial partners to help raise everlasting funds for children.


Live at Stonehenge


With all of his dedication to social issues around the world and being an immense countryman, there is no wonder why Paul was presented the Humanitarian Cultural Award from the British Ambassador in Washington, DC. Oakenfold was also the recipient of the Legend Award from DMP and the iHeart Remix Top 30 which recognizes and celebrates leading talent in the fields of pop music production, spotlighting remix producers from North America and around the world.

On January 25th, Paul will release his genre-defying set from Stonehenge adding to his collection of breathtaking DJ Booths like the Mt. Everest Basecamp DJ Set. Showing no signs of slowing down, Paul released a 30 year anniversary Second Summer of Love Acid Mix, which peaked at #3 on BBC’s Top 40 Album Chart and is now celebrating Planet Perfecto Radio with 24 Million passionate dance listeners.


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