TV Noise & Blinders – ‘Fire‘ – Truly a match made in dancefloor heaven, TV Noise and Blinders are two of STMPD RCRDS‘ most boundary-pushing artists. This unique new collaboration is a perfect meeting of mind, with seriously crazy results. First premiered in their back-to-back set at the STMPD label night at ADE, ‘Fire‘ is something seriously special.



Immediately explosive, this fearsome track boldly marks its territory from the first beat. Intense, dancehall vocals arrive to hype the crowd, with a mighty drop yielding throbbing off-beat bass toms, fizzing, distorted riffs and crazy fills that take the energy higher. A tense, darkly-tinged breakdown increases the drama level, the vocal getting more infectious still as a winding lead riff plays out a feel-good melody. Huge, chunky drum fills punctuate the enormous build, slamming us back into this weighty track in style.

Bursting into life like a firecracker, the track is emblematic of all the best qualities of both artists: energetic, twisted, hard, groovy, freaky and exciting. With a few nods to classic material from The Prodigy along the way, it’s an absolute monster.



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