Martron & NOHC – ‘Wheels Fall Off‘ – As we get closer to ending another year of powerful productions from New York newcomer Martron, he now offers up one of his last collaborations of 2018 alongside duo group NOHC. With ‘Wheels Fall Off,’ he reminds listeners all around the globe that he’s got quite the knack for creating tasteful future bass and wonky pop sensation hybrids.



Blending his production ability with that of NOHC, this collaboration offers something powerful for the vast EDM soundscapes. Offering a gritty, soulful and talented vocal top-line to hook listeners in, these guys eventually whip our attention into the wobbly future bass melody that is ‘Wheels Fall Off.’

Impressing us, yet again, Martron couldn’t be nearing the end of 2018 any better. Make sure if you haven’t already, to find yourself getting lost in ‘Wheels Fall Off‘ below and show some support for NOHC and Martron by following them via their socials, linked under the track!



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