Harry Nathan – ‘Timeless Dream‘ – After releasing his debut single ‘Rooftops‘ a few months ago, Australian based singer, songwriter, DJ and producer Harry Nathan has returned to offer another hit titled ‘Timeless Dream.’ Continuing to expand and establish his style coming in the form of a tasteful blend of pop, dance music and dreamy vibes, this one offers something a little more unique with some gentle and powerful essence of ambience.



With a talented mind, Harry Nathan sets this one ahead of the previous ‘Rooftops,’ which featured unique melody accompanied by a charming short filmed style music video directed by Odeya Rush. Now, he unveils ‘Timeless Dream’ and fans without a doubt can’t miss this one and have to check it out below!

Mr. Nathan wrote the track “whilst daydreaming, reminiscing of a past love.” If you can follow these vibes, keep up with him via his socials, linked below the record!



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