PANDDA & Ariel – ‘TGTHR‘ – Blending the rich texture of the EDM soundscapes with the melodic styles and rhythms of RnB music, PANDDA has offered something powerful with every release. Having been making music since the age of seven, this rising DJ, producer and instrumentalist has been continuing a journey, a long time in the making.



Always presenting listeners with a new journey for every track offered, PANDDA has now collaborated with Ariel to offer ‘TGTHR.’ A truly calming indie-chill hybrid, the song features cool and smooth vocal on-top of PANDDA‘s signature RnB flavor mixed with some gentle future-bass / lo-fi vibes. This is one of those productions that present the artist well both as a producer, but also talented musician.

Always letting his touch on his tunes be left behind with his keyboard, guitar and a fountain of imagination, Orlando’s finest rising DJ and producer PANDDA certainly knows what he is doing. As he continues his journey to the top of the music scene, check out his latest track ‘TGTHR‘ and show some support by following him, via his socials, linked below!



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