Our thanks to Karol Tip for joining us this week, a Cologne based producer and DJ who has just released a tune via Crispy Crust Records. With a feature from the brilliant singer Josie-Claire, Karol Tip talks us through the record and how his year has been.

Thanks for joining us! How long have you been making music for? Do you remember the first song you really loved?

Hi, thank you for having me! I would say I have been making music since I’ve been a small kid. Firstly playing the obvious instruments like guitar and drums, until my teacher got me into playing the french horn in our school orchestra. There are so many songs that I had on repeat on my first Mp3 player, but I think ‘Kontact Me’ by Boys Noize really had me mind-blown.

How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way since you started, and are they constantly evolving?

Yes, they are evolving day by day and I hope this never stops. Hip Hop, rap and UK bass really influenced me a lot in the beginning of trying to make electronic music and still do, but house music does it as well. I used to play a lot of 4/4 stuff when I started DJing. I think the influences have changed the most when I comes to pop music, I listen to it quite a lot, to be honest.

What would you say your style is all about?

That’s difficult, because I find a lot of attraction in so many different styles. I think it is important that you feel what you do and that you create timeless memories and emotions.

Which tunes are you particularly feeling right now?

Production-wise I really like what Nitti Gritti does. His song ‘Tell Me’ is very good. When it comes to my personal joy, I totally feel ‘Beat It’ by G-Buck and Keno.

What did you enjoy most about making ‘Trouble’? Where did the inspiration originally come from?

I really enjoyed working with Josie, she is amazing and her energy is outstanding to me. I wanted to do something different, something I have never done before.



How did you end up working with Josie-Claire on the track? Did you enjoy the creative process?

I did. I think we both did, because working as solo artist is a new chapter for her. I saw her performing with her band in my hometown and we met backstage afterwards.

What have been the most fun parts of the year so far for you? 

To work all these talented people. 

What do you most want to achieve next year as an artist and why?

I want to release one or two EPs, because it’s been a long time since my last one, and of course playing more countries and meeting more people than ever.



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