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Interview: AXEN Explains Why He’s A ‘Machine’

We’re so pleased to be speaking with AXEN in this exclusive interview. He’s killing it in the dubstep scene right now after signing with Circus Records, and has just released a new banger called ‘Machine.’ Read on to hear more from the man himself!

Thanks for joining us! It’s good to chat, AXEN. How long have you been making music for? Do you remember the first song you really loved?

For about 5 years. For  2 years I was producing as a hobby, and the last 3 years I have been pursuing it seriously.
As clichéd as it sounds, the first song I loved was Daft Punk – ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ and still to this day it has the highest number of plays in my iTunes!

How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way since you started, and are they constantly evolving?

They have changed massively, when I first started out I was producing progressive house music similar to Alesso and Swedish House Mafia. This was before I discovered dubstep, and as I got older my tastes changed to more aggressive music.

Now I still make dubstep, but my influences are more aligned with unorthodox things like movie and video game soundtracks. I think If you want to create unique music you need to have your own unique process behind creating it.

What would you say your style is all about?

All things related to robots, I’ve always had an emotional connection with the whole theme. I decided when I first started up the AXEN project that I should revolve my branding and theme all around the one thing that I’m most passionate about.

Which tunes are you particularly feeling right now?

RIOT – ‘Overkill’

Herobust – ‘WTF’

Both tracks are huge festival anthems, which is what I always try to aim for when building an initial idea for a song.

What did you enjoy most about making your new tune ‘Machine?’ Where did the inspiration originally come from?

The most enjoyable part of this track was bringing the whole story for the track I had envisioned to life, piece by piece by putting intricate robot sounds and samples throughout the track, tying everything together.

For all of my tracks I get inspired mostly from watching/listening to anime, video game and movie soundtracks – it puts me in the right emotional state to write a story, rather than a banger. I feel that when you write something based off a feeling rather than a sound/idea, it becomes something way more relatable and enjoyable to a listener.

Also I try my best not to listen to any current electronic dance music before making an idea, that way the idea will evolve into something unique from the get go.


How did signing with Circus come about?

I made a bootleg of Flux Pavilion & NGHTMREs track ‘Feel Your Love,’ Proximity (the YouTube channel) heard my bootleg and then sent it to NGHTMRE’s managers, who then sent it to Flux Pavilion & Circus. A few weeks later Circus Records emailed me and told me they wanted to get it contracted up and signed as an official remix, which led me to run around my house like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

After we signed the remix officially, I sent Circus Records a bunch of tracks and the 4 we picked became the Droid Bass EP.

What have been the most fun parts of the year so far for you?

Releasing my first ever EP, landing agents in Australia, Europe and landing my biggest goal signing up with ‘24-8’ for management.

My favorite moment would have to be meeting HeroBust a few weeks ago! He told me that my track ‘Vermin’ was one of the most well engineered songs he’s heard, he then brought myself and Wraith out on stage while he played the track to hundreds of people. It was a career defining moment for me because I started making dubstep after hearing HeroBust’s productions years ago.

What do you most want to achieve next year as an artist and why?

To tour America. It’s always been the biggest goal of mine and Its very close to happening now. Also 80% of my fan base is in America so I feel I owe it to them, haha.


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