Martron & Shlizk – ‘I’ll Be There‘ – Los Angeles based DJ and producer Shlizk gets the treatment she deserves on her newest EP, ELIXR. Currently residing in New York, she collaborates with the popular rising and consistently music genre challenging producer Martron. This time the two offer their latest production in the form of ‘I’ll Be There.’



With previous wonky releases, timeless throwbacks and cool hybrid tracks, Martron continues to be a force to be reckoned with, constantly adding to his growing discography. This time he touches on an electro flowing reggae blended house genre of sorts seemingly wavering on the edge of moombahton.

Proving yet again that these two can produce some powerful work, you’ll have to listen to it for yourself by checking out the track and giving some support for both Martron and Shlizk via their socials, linked down below! If you enjoy ‘I’ll Be There,’ don’t forget you can be present for the rest of the EP via Shlizk‘s SoundCloud!



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