It was a pleasure to chat with both ARLE and L’Tric about the creation of their recent single ‘Feel It.’ We were able to ask them more about their musical history, and what their aspirations are as artists.

Do you both remember what first got you into making music? How do you feel your sounds and influences have changed along the way?

ARLE: I’d been playing instruments (namely piano and guitar) since I was a kid, and from early on I began to write my own stuff. I needed a way to record, and through this I was eventually introduced to Ableton Live.

It was when I first heard ‘Mandarine Girl’ by Booka Shade on my older brothers iPod that I really began to get into dance music. But it was only further down the road, when I heard Burial’s ‘Archangel’ that I truly focused on making electronic music.

I think both these tracks and many more got me into the UK brand of electronic music, deep house in particular, but I fully embrace all aspects of electronic music when it comes to making a new track.

L’Tric: When I started it was just a gradual transition from being a dance music fan, to DJing, to making edits, adding some basic production, buying equipment and then eventually making fully original music. That was at a time when the whole scene was really in its infancy, so it was definitely a case of hearing sounds and styles that I’d never been exposed to before that grabbed my attention and interest immediately.. and the remote possibility in the back of my mind that maybe I could do this myself.

What would you say your styles encompass?

ARLE: I like my music to be built around a strong melodic phrase or idea. Instrumental or vocal line, it doesn’t matter, but that it what really drives the track. From this I pick chord progressions and sounds that I feel complement that idea. Later come the lyrics and other details.

L’Tric: L’TRIC sits squarely in the house music lane. As a project it’s been a real focus to hone in on the sounds and production techniques that we were using when house music was really hitting its stride in its first wave around 93 – 95.

You all hail from Australia– which artists from over there are you into at the moment?

ARLE:To many, but to name a few: Northeast House party, Oscar Key Sung, Hayden James, Roland Tings.

L’Tric: Really digging Mall Grab, Dom Dolla, Avon Stringer, Motez tunes of late.

Is there anyone you’re particularly keen to work with next?

ARLE: I’ve already got a few collaborations lined up, some Australian and UK acts. It’s too early to name names but keep your eyes and ears open.

L’Tric: No we just do our thing and collaborate with people who are in our circle, and also with the help of a great A&R team who connect us with artists who we might not otherwise have heard of. It’s always great to come across a vocalist, for instance, who hasn’t featured on a club track before and see how they can work in that space.



What did you enjoy about making “Feel It”? How did you find the creative process?

ARLE: I loved being in the studio with L’Tric on this one. These guys have been working in the industry for a long time and it was great to see their creative process as well as learn from them.

It was also the first release where I had my vocals on the track so that was an experience.

L’Tric: It was a perfect example of good collaboration, with each contributor bouncing ideas over a series of sessions, resulting in a finished product we were all very happy with.

What are your thoughts on the remixes of it? Do you have a favourite?

ARLE: We’ve been blessed with the remixes – they all turned out great. If I had to pick a standout it would be the Art of Tones remix, the groove of it is just spot on.

L’Tric: The remix package is great! I think Art Of Tones hit on something extra special with his remix, laying out a completely original live disco production beautifully underneath Arle’s vocal. I was blown away when I heard it!

Can we expect more new music from you soon?

ARLE: Yes, plenty more to come.

L’Tric: Of course! Many more releases already in the bag, plus some remixes and Vol. 3 of “L’TRIC’s History Of House Music” mix series finished too – 150 house classics in 1 hour!

What else are you looking forward to in the coming months?

ARLE: I’m just looking forward to getting back in the studio and focusing on writing and producing new tracks. I can’t wait to get a few more releases out to the world and collaborate with more artists.

L’Tric: Finishing of a few big records that are very close, some travel, good eating, and plenty of family time!


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