Bondax – ‘Real Thing‘ – English electronic-duo Bondax are back with a new single and video ‘Real Thing‘ out now on their label, Recur Recordings. ‘Real Thing‘ pays homage to disco and soul music, their key musical influences, while being infused with a perfect dose of the duo’s contemporary sounds. This release is the debut single from their upcoming album, out this September.



This intensely filmed music video directed by creative partners Ralph Briscoe and Jay Stephen (at Time Based Arts) juxtaposes the feel good single. The story follows the emotional journey of one man’s fight with self acceptance. The scenes jump from self-loathing and unnerving emotions to ones of seduction and humor, as he moves from one persona to the next. It portrays the highs and lows of someone in constant conflict with their identity.

Bondax recently completed their Recur Tour, which graced major cities in all corners of the United States with their lush, house and downtempo electronica vibes. The duo are now also residents on a MCR Live, with their monthly podcast, ‘Recur,’ where listeners can hear exclusive tracks, classics, interviews with other artists and more.



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