Neon Records has just released something of a disco-inspired banger from two awesome acts – ARLE and L’Tric. It’s a powerful partnership and together they have made ‘Feel It,’ which is a dynamic and rhythmically crisp listen from start to finish.

Alongside it comes a pair of remixes from the ever impressive Weiss and new talents Future Kings, who hail from the UK. ARLE says:

“When L’Tric and I were first introduced, I was working on a top-line and a track to go with it but it wasn’t a cohesive dance track at that point” recalls ARLE. “L’Tric heard it, wanted to get involved and that’s where the collaboration sort of began. I’d heard a bunch of their records, loved their sound, and thought it would work really well for ‘Feel It’. From there they went to work on it in the studio, where there was a fair bit of back and forth and alterations to the track until we arrived on a sound that we were all happy with. A few more days in the studio and we had the final product”.

Check it here.



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