ShiShi – ‘Give Me Love‘ – ShiShi is a new York-based producer who broke down the doors to the scene in the fall of 2017. His debut track ‘Aarti‘ was an ode to his Indian heritage and was released alongside the international charity Pratham USA.



Prior to turning 10-years-old, ShiShi lived in the United States, China and Switzerland. The exposure to the various cultures, ways of life, and society vastly extended his vision for music and career. He thrives on making music that unites musical styles, cultures, and people that have little in common and showcase traditional music of these cultures with a pop-oriented sound. Now he over’s ‘Give Me Love‘ with visuals paired to boot!


ShiShi Says About The Release

” ‘Give Me Love‘ is a song about that young and innocent feeling of first falling in love – whether it was to a grade school crush, a high school sweetheart or your first boyfriend or girlfriend, the song is an ode to that hopeful, idealistic feeling of just completely letting your guard down with another person. I feel like for many people, their first relationship is when they were truly the most vulnerable and wore their heart on their sleeve, because they hadn’t really been hurt yet or made to feel cynical or jaded. So for the music video, we really wanted to capture that youthful, optimistic energy, and decided to make the story line about a young boy who is looking for love, and eventually finds it with a young girl.”

“I had many musical influences growing up – my favorite band ever is Led Zeppelin – they really showed me the power of experimenting and blending sounds from different cultures and styles together, which is a huge part of my music today. I also loved Michael Jackson – he is still the greatest pure entertainer that ever lived in my opinion. More recently, in terms of dance music I’ve been very heavily influenced by Diplo and his project Major Lazer, for their focus on shedding light on different styles of music from all over the world – dancehall, afrobeat, and others, by merging them with electronic dance music.”


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