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Caitlin MacNamara
Caitlin MacNamara


Interview: Caitlin MacNamara On Her Summer Sound

The woman of the moment, Caitlin MacNamara, speaks to us this week. Her new single ‘Never Rains’ is a banging tune for summer, and you can listen below. Get to know the London based artist better with our exclusive interview.

Good to chat, Caitlin! How long have you been making music for?

Good to chat to you too! I started singing when I was in primary school. I would have been about 9 or 10. When my parents heard me practicing so much they eventually bought me my first guitar, so that I could grow my repertoire. 

How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way, and are they constantly evolving?

My sound is forever changing! It’s the curse of loving so many music genres. I started out as a big Avril Lavigne fan, so punk/rock was my main influence. Through my teen-years, I slowly grew to love the big soul and jazz voices – the power house vocalists. I’m always experimenting with bringing the old into the new, but whatever the vibe, strong vocals are always my cup of tea.

What would you say your style is all about?

My style is very feel-good & in-tune with what it is to be a strong woman. I do competitive weightlifting at university and as a woman you are constantly underestimated. It’s important to promote girl-power – summer is all about feeling good in your own skin and enjoying the sunshine, so I want to show other young women to feel that confidence and happiness.

Which tunes are you particularly feeling right now?

Right now, I am LOVING ‘I Like It’ by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin. I love the Cuban feel infused with the R&B – and Cardi B is so talented. I’m also enjoying ‘I Do (feat. SZA)’ from that same album, her vibe is just so powerful. I am also a huge fan of ‘Mad Love (feat. Becky G)’ by Sean Paul at the moment – it always gets me dancing!

What did you enjoy about making ‘Never Rains’? What originally inspired it?

‘Never Rains’ was written by Clayton Osborne – a very talented songwriter. He liked the fact that I was dedicated to and passionate about my fitness and weightlifting, so he brought a song to me that was about that kind of lifestyle. I really enjoyed working with him on ‘Never Rains’. We work really well creatively and I loved that I could add my flare with the vocals on the track. 



What have been the most fun parts of the year so far for you?

100% the release of the song has been the highlight of my year! Just to finally be able to share the track with everybody and see the end-product which has been in the works for months is truly rewarding. It’s like a dream come true. 

If you could give an artist just starting out one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice would be stay hydrated. Helps your voice, your creativity, your health – making music is taxing so look after yourself. 

What do you most want to achieve this year, and why? 

New music tends to invite more opportunities, so I’m excited to see how far ‘Never Rains’ takes me down this rabbit hole that is my music dream. Live performances are the next step and I would love to sing ‘Never Rains’ in front of a crowd. Whatever the future holds, I am ready for it!


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