YDG – ‘Warlords‘ – Returning to the Buygore Records sub label Fresh Blood comes a familiar face from the 2017 Fresh Blood Vol. 2 compilation widely known as YDG. Fully loaded with heavy vibrations, a hard industrial feel, and intricate sound designs, YDG‘s latest musical effort ‘Warlords‘ melds the auditory with the visual. While straying away from his debut Fresh Blood release ‘1234,’ YDG‘s new single illustrates his adeptness in producing a boundless range of sounds.



Hooking listeners with a horrific, piercing ringing, ‘Warlords‘ is a culmination of bass heavy elements spliced together for a well-crafted masterpiece. What sounds like violent basslines rotating on an axel helps sustain the aggressive energy level throughout the track. Oscillating builds and arpeggiated synths dive into an eerie interlude, yielding a suspenseful sensation as listeners prepare for the explosive conclusion. Possessing a powerful electronic feel, YDG‘s ‘Warlords‘ displays the jagged edge of experimental bass music, coming to the Fresh Blood imprint on April 17th.



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