NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis – ‘Another Dimension‘ (YOOKiE Remix) – It’s safe to say that every time word gets out of a new YOOKiE release, the bass music world clenches its teeth in anticipation. The boys have earned themselves an exceptional reputation for diving deep in to the grittiest, most bass-heavy end of the electronic music spectrum. The duo’s latest remix – an original take on NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis‘ hit ‘Another Dimension,’ reflects YOOKiE‘s ability to combine dancefloor prowess with their own unique mantra.



Fusing the futuristic synths of the original with the duo’s face-slapping bass dexterity, ‘Another Dimension‘ (YOOKiE Remix) is an earth-shattering creation that packs a punch. Prepare to have your soul snatched, as the track transports you to YOOKiE‘s weird and wonderful universe.

YOOKiE are powering through 2018 with voracious energy, having just released singles ‘Project 9‘ and ‘Dinner Chat,’ a collaboration with Jauz and josh pan as part of the latest Bite This! compilation.



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